A Warning will be given to STEAM DECK users if it is hot

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2 min readAug 3, 2022

Steam Deck now warns you when it’s too hot or cold to play.

Perhaps your Steam Deck should not be stored in an industrial freezer.


The little handheld gaming computer will alert you when it goes beyond its safe operating temperature.

Valve added a warning message to warn users when their device is running slowly or under extreme heat or cold as part of the significant update of Steam Deck’s OS, version 3.3.

The Steam Deck’s safe operating temperature is between 0–35C. The system will shut down if you exceed these temperatures.

This is understandable at high temperatures since the CPU and GPU (in this case, an all-in-one AMD APU chip) will go beyond their silicon’s operating temperatures.

The Steam Deck chip will shut down at 100 degrees Celsius. It will turn off at 105C.

Ambient temperature will be a significant factor in reaching these temperatures. The Steam Deck will operate at 60–70C, while gamers will experience a room with a 20C ambient temperature.

You might be wrong if you think you can play in the Arctic. It’s quite a different game when you go below freezing temperatures.

Lawrence Yang, Steam Deck designer, answered our questions about the risks of operating the Steam Deck in super-cold environments. He said that it was mainly due to the battery.

Yang states that the battery can’t withstand shallow temperatures and will have trouble charging.

“Like any other battery-powered device, the Steam Deck’s Battery can’t sustain peak energy draw at temperatures below 0°C (similar to how cars have a more challenging time starting in cold weather). We will throttle the system if temperatures drop below freezing to ensure the battery’s longevity.

In theory, this means you’ll see the new warning from Valve at any temperature above 35C or below zero.

However, we are hesitant to test it on our Steam Deck unit.



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