Android Users Can Now Pay To Remove Spaces Buttons On Twitter

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2 min readAug 11, 2022

Custom navigation is now made available to Twitter Blue Users on iOS

Twitter Blue has finally begun letting Android users modify the app’s navigation bar. This feature, initially only available on iOS, allows you to eliminate the Spaces icon right to the center of the navigation bar (and obviously, you can remove specific tabs if you’d like as well.).

With customized navigation, you can cut down the number of tabs displayed to as little as two or keep the five tabs displayed as default. This is useful when you’re sick of dragging your fingers across the Spaces tab to access your DMs and notifications.

Twitter initially launched the Spaces tab in iOS in the year 2000 and launched the tab for Android at the end of May, and it seemed to give more frustrated users an incentive to join the $2.99 per month Blue subscription that was launched in the year before.

However, Blue will be unable to save us from every feature making the app a mess. Twitter recently announced that it plans to include more details in the banner that displays Spaces active at the highest point of the timeline.

Although there’s no setting that can turn this banner off completely (neither for Blue or free subscribers), It will display who is hosting the Space or sharing tweets from the Space and relevant topics.

NOTE: Here are some of the user responses regarding the Twitter space button.



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