“Call of Duty: Warzone” What to know about Fortune’s Keep

The week before, “Call of Duty: Warzone” developers announced the brand-new Resurgence map, Fortune’s Keep, a mix of Rebirth Island and the larger Caldera map. The island in the colonial period features a style inspired by WWII. It is home to an old-fashioned keep with a winery, lighthouses, and plenty of spots to shoot from.

Following taking part in Fortune’s Keep for a handful of hours and winning several wins, I’ve compiled some tips to help you get luck on the gem of the Adriatic. Always knowing the map and the most effective weapon metals will be crucial in your victory.

Take advantage of verticality.

Fortune’s Keep is full of elevation variations between the top part of the Keep to the Town’s streets and down to the lower part of the Grotto. The art of knowing when to take the higher ground and when to take the low ground
the time to lower your retreat can assist you in mastering the map.

Fortune’s Keep offers several ways to reach the top of the hill. Vines lead up to the highest point of Keep and the other structures within the Town. It’s now easier than ever to access rooftops by climbing the sides of adjacent buildings, climbing up to the top, and running over them as Jason Bourne.

Maintaining the highest ground is, by default, the most effective option. (Ask Anakin Skywalker about that one.) You can benefit from hundreds of sightlines throughout the globe, and you can plan your route quickly if gas gets a little too close behind you. It’s also difficult for an opponent team to shoot upward toward you. You can also stay in the head glitch (when only the top of your head is visible behind an object, but you are still able to shoot back)

very quickly in a couple of quickly in a. There are a few spots that can be easily explored. Grotto, you can find it quite easily in a few places. For example, you can look across the cave’s entry point and observe the enemy players huddled in the rock below quicker than they can see you. Simple geometry is the way to win fights.

Find and use your cash

The first impression I have of the book is that money (or gold bars, in this instance) is plentiful. This is in addition to the

typical ways you might get cash in “Warzone,”
there’s a new game-related event that will boost your cash flow.
In both the second and fourth circles, AI soldiers will attempt to transfer cash via air into the helicopter. You can continue interacting with the cash bag to collect money until the game ends. It’s a great source of cash. However, it can be a substantial potential target for you. Beware that these soldiers can shoot and are wearing armor.

Another option is to search for locations on the map with an icon of a dollar. These areas are filled with valuable loot and cash. They also change every time. But settling in there is not the most effective strategy for less frequent players because many tend to gravitate towards these zones. If “slow and steady” sound to you, then perhaps you’re better off seeking out the UAV or self-revive device and waiting until you can load out the free.

The most effective Fortune’s Keep load-outs.

At the time of release, pairing a reliable assault rifle, such as the NZ-41, and a submachine gun (SMG), like the brand new Marco-5 and the new H4 Blixen, is the most effective option for the Fortune’s Keep.

The NZ-41 lets you engage in longer-lasting engagements from rooftops, whereas the SMGs permit you to go to the tunnels to remove lurkers from the shadows. Be aware, however, that the ground and base loot Marco-5 don’t have the top attachments. After you unlock it on Level 15 on the battle pass, upgrade it completely.

Similar to the old Rebirth Island map (which will be rotating from June 30), using an e-sniper like the Kar-98 doesn’t make a wrong choice, either. But long-range headshots won’t immediately knock players down but instead cause them to lose their shields.


In contrast to Caldera can be more open after recent changes in the vegetation and changes to the vegetation, Fortune’s Keep is less open than it has plenty of cover with parapets, tents, and rocks as well as wagons and boxes. If you cannot take on an extended-range battle by deploying your load-out, you can quickly reduce your distance running between different map assets. Additionally, having the Serpentine perk can reduce the risk of injuries when you are sprinting tactically.

Fortune’s Keep It is awash with hidden passageways and secret rooms with plenty of hidden nooks and crevices to find a safe place to hide. It’s a dream for campers, and for those who can master how to navigate, the maps could aid in turning the tables in the event of a gunfight.

You could quickly get a team to hunt you down and then escape into space to give yourself a chance to recover or recharge your weapons. I lost a level in Keep, sprinted out the back, climbed back to the wall, and flanked the team from the enemy. When I’m done, I’m prepared for another battle.

Easter eggs are risky, but they offer a rewarding and high-reward

When exploring Fortune’s Keep, you’ve likely seen wine glasses and shovels in the piles of loot of enemies who have been killed. They resemble dropped objects and weapons, but they’re outlined by gold. These are the keys to finding gold-colored loot as well as self-revives that are free.

A report from the “Call of Duty” news website Modern Warzone found a few personal issues in Fortune’s Keep. If you grab an old shovel from the gravesite or any other random spot on the map, you’ll be able to find “buried treasure” in legendary weapons. Two wine bottles are found in Keep (always at the exact location). Take them to uncover the hidden room in a bookcase stuffed with things to do when you light three candles in the cemetery, paying tribute to one of the tombstones and summoning the power of a Zombie that self-revives after you kill it.

According to a user on Twitter named Mr. Fishy McFish, you can drop cash in a fountain at Winery that dispenses rewards that are proportional to the amount you pay.

Getting enough cash to pay to make a drop-off load in the time you spend on Easter eggs is possible. While focusing on finishing the mission, you could be wounded by enemy soldiers. I suggest taking a look at the Easter egg at least one time before focusing on the game following.



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