Different Types and Applications of Amplifiers



  1. Voltage Amplifier
  2. Current Amplifier
  3. Power Amplifier

1. Voltage Amplifiers:

2. Current Amplifiers:

3. Power Amplifiers:

  1. Class A
  2. Class B
  3. Class AB
  4. Class C

1. Audio Frequency Amplifiers (A.F. Amplifiers):

2. Intermediate Frequency Amplifiers (I.F. Amplifiers):

3. Radio Frequency Amplifiers (R.F. Amplifiers):

4. Ultrasonic Amplifiers:

5. Wideband Amplifiers:

6. Direct Coupled Amplifiers (DC Amplifiers):

7. Video Amplifiers:

8. Buffer Amplifiers:

9. Operational Amplifiers:

10. Transistor Amplifiers:



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