GeForce RTX 4090 is expected to feature a speed of 2520 MHz which is greater than 50% faster than RTX 3090.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 rumors put GPU clocks in focus. New rumors are going around regarding the main specifications of the graphic cards expected to be the mainstay of the Ada Lovelace graphic architecture. Kopite7kimi has released the most recent reports about the GeForce RTX 4090, 4080, and 4070, according to their sources. The main new details focus on the RTX 4090, which is currently claimed to have boost and base clocks of 2,235 or 2,520 MHz. As with all leaks, you should take this information with a pinch of salt.

If it is true, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090’s default clock speeds for GPUs are pretty high. The card it replaces in the GeForce 3090 was much less powerful CPU clocks, 1,395 or 1,695 MHz for the benchmark design. Additionally, the brand’s latest Ada Lovelace flagship will have approximately 6,000 additional CUDA cores and faster capacity memory (the same 24GB capacity); however, it is expected to use about 100W more power if the advertised TDP is true.

Nvidia GeForceRTX 4090RTX4080RTX4070GPUAD102–300-A1AD103–300-A1AD104–275-KX-A1CUDA cores16,38410,2407,168Base / Boost (GHz)2,235 / 2,520NANAMemory24GB of 21 Gbps GDDR6X, 384-bit16GB of 21 Gbps GDDR6X, 256-bit10GB of 18 Gbps GDDR6, 160-bitPower (W)450420300

It should also be noted that if our calculations are accurate, the compute performance of the RTX 4090 may be around 90 TFLOPs. It’s a massive increase over the 36 TFLOPs that the RTX 3090. Additionally, AD102’s AD102 GPU is reportedly designed by Kopite7kimi to be capable of coaxing up 2750 to 2750 MHz.

It is the GeForce, the RTX3090 card with 450W, which is believed to be the same as the previous RTX4090. So, the cooling options will not be different from any other we’ve seen, and you can check out the current lineup of RTX 3090 Ti cards to view the wide range of coolers and models.

The accuracy of Kopite7kimi’s information is yet to be determined. The report we released with his data in mid-May provided slightly different specifications on the RTX 4090. However, we always recommend adding salt to leaks. In addition, actual retail GPU specifications might still be in flux as Nvidia, and its partners are still deliberating on the best clocks and cores to enable the shipping of products.

According to leaks previously reported, there aren’t many months to wait until the Ada Lovelace architecture GPUs launch. A few weeks ago, we announced that Nvidia will launch its RTX 40 game starting with GeForce RTX 4090, which will be released in September, along with RTX 4080 due to launch in October and RTX 4070 coming in November. This is an extended-release; there is no mention of the possible popular massively-selling RTX 4060.



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Welcome to our Professional site my electric sparks, It’s the best site for Electrical based Articles, theories, and technologies.