Google Issues Serious Warning Update For 3.2 Billion Chrome Users to fix this critical zero-day bug

Exploit to exploit a high-risk browser vulnerability is already out there.

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Chrome users, It’s time to update your browsers on your desktop in case they weren’t up-to-date so that you can patch an exploitable flaw that could have been exploited and exploited.

The vulnerability, which is identified as catalogue number CVE-2022–0609is a result of “use after free in Animation,” Google declared in an update announcement on its blog of official Chrome blog yesterday (Feb. 14) and added that there is evidence of “an exploit for CVE-2022–0609 exists in the wild. ”

Google did not specify who could be using the exploit, if that was the case, against whom, or even how the exploit could be used. However, you must think about the worst and act as though the bug classified as having seriousness is being exploited in attacks

Yesterday’s update pushes Chrome into version 98.0.4758.102 with Windows, macOS and Linux. (Chrome Mobile apps get also updated independently. )

A new zero-day high threat level hack has been found in Google Chrome LIGHTROCKET VIA GETTY IMAGES

Chrome and its open-source parent Chromium are believed to contain several elements related to animation, and we’re not sure which one is vulnerable to attack. However, “use after free” indicates that the component isn’t assigning memory space once it’s done with a task. It means it is possible that malicious actors or even human attackers could access this memory space to harm.

The vulnerability’s discovery was attributable by Adam Weidemann and Clement Lecigne of Google’s Threat Analysis Group. However, the details of the flaw have been delayed in releasing details.

Other ten Chrome issues were also fixed with at least four, which also have used-after-free bugs.

How do I upgrade Chrome and the other browsers?

Chrome can update whenever you restart the browser on either a Mac or PC. (If you’re using an office-owned computer, the IT department could decide it’s time to download the upgrade. ) If you’re running Linux, there’s a possibility that you’ll need to use a general-purpose software updater or wait till your distributor releases the update package.

If the browser relaunch does not bring Chrome up to date, it’s as simple as clicking on the three vertical dots in the middle of your window, scrolling to and selecting Help, the next click on About Google Chrome.

An additional tab is likely to be opened, which will either start the process of updating or inform you that you’re on the most recent version of Chrome that in this instance, is 98.0.4758.102.

Other browsers that run Chromium can update themselves after relaunching them. For example, the update procedure for manual updates in Microsoft Edge is identical to Chrome’s, but Brave is free of the fly-out menu and displays “About Brave” right in the main Settings menu. But neither of them had integrated the latest updates at the time of writing.

Opera and Vivaldi have distinct manual update procedures that require clicking the logo for the browser on the left upper corner and after which you can select an updater button. Unfortunately, we couldn’t determine whether or not both had integrated the most recent version of Chromium.



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