Google Pixel Watch: Specs Bands, Wear OS, and everything we’ve learned about

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4 min readAug 11, 2022

Google officially introduced the first smartphone at I/O 2022, held in May; however, it only offered the public a “first look” ahead of the official unveiling this autumn, alongside its Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. 9to5Google has released a variety of new information since then, and here’s what we have learned concerning this new Pixel Watch.

Display, design Materials, display

The google Pixel Watch is made up of three distinct layers. It starts with a domed top layer that curves to the sides made of recycled stainless steel. Based on an earlier measure, the circular watch body is 14mm thick and 40mm wide. The flat display appears to be around thirty millimeters wide (or 1.18 millimeters). Google hasn’t revealed the resolution of the display or the kind of glass used to protect it.

There’s a bottle cap-shaped cap that turns and is hit at 3 o’clock by pressing the button that is just below it. The case also houses an extended speaker grill along the left and two circular cutouts.

Both the top and bottom of the sleeve are the home of quite large bands with twenty-millimeter straps connecting via a unique mechanism that requires inserting at an angle and snapping into position.

Bands and colors

Google has demonstrated its Pixel Watch in three stainless steel shades:

  • Silver Polished, shiny finish
  • Black: Nonreflective, perhaps matte finish
  • Gold Shades darker

In June, we reported that Google was developing a vast collection of watches. However, some might not be launched or manufactured entirely by Google.

  • Silicone band: Shown in the past by Google and is very like Fitbit’s Infinity Bands
  • Fabric band
  • Stretch band
  • Two straps of leather that are differentiated by fashion and darker/lighter shades
  • Link bracelet made of metal
  • Milanese-style mesh band made out of stainless steel, in shades that are in harmony with the body’s three colors

Pixel Watch specs

In May, it was revealed that Samsung’s Exynos 9110 processor powers the Pixel Watch. It has a coprocessor as well as more than 1.5GB of RAM. That will be more than what’s available on Wear OS currently. In addition, 32GB of storage is twice the capacity of other devices. It also lets users store a large number of songs offline.

The chip has been believed to be in use since the year 2018 using the Tizen-powered Galaxy Watch, but various tasks are expected to be transferred to the coprocessor. It’s unclear what Google will recognize the SoC and if Tensor brand names will be used.

We’ve also noted that the Pixel Watch has a battery that is just 300mAh and will last for at least an entire day. Charging is done by the USB-C connector on one end and a magnetic puck on the other.

Besides Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Google is also preparing an LTE cell phone version that will be available alongside the Pixel Watch. Other specifications revealed include built-in GPS and 50 meters of waterproofing.

The Fitbit Health app and the Fitbit are in the Pixel Watch.

The primary feature of this Pixel Watch is health, fitness, and fitness. Of course, the Fitbit integration gives you an overview of your data similar to the existing Fitbit devices. Google Fit will also be included.

The sensor array beneath Pixel Watch’s sensor array Pixel Watch looks identical to the one on that of Fitbit Luxe and Charge 5. It has an inclinometer for heart rate, and the hardware supports SpO2 (blood oxygen) and ECG (electrocardiogram) readings.

Wear OS and apps

It is believed that the Pixel Watch runs Wear OS 3. It is unclear to what extent Google can customize the experience. It’s certainly different from how Samsung has created ( One UI Watch) and may be more in line with the planned Montblanc release and Fossil upgrade.

For instance, there should be an essential list of apps rather than the circular launcher, and you can swipe up to view notifications. The ability to pull down for quick settings remains the same, and tiles can be accessed using a vertical swipe from the clock’s face.

We have already glimpsed a couple of watches faces we have seen that Google is currently working on. The designs include digital and analog, with many having complication slots, such as for Fitbit.



Google Assistant will undoubtedly be the main focus, as it also has Google Pay/ Wallet tapping-to-pay and Maps navigation. These apps are available now. However, Google also unveiled the Google Home app that feeds gadgets and the capability to receive alerts from the front door.

The Google Pixel Watch can unlock your Android device and your Chromebook, and there will be a “Google Pixel Watch” companion application. Fast Pair will also speed up connecting and switching Bluetooth headphones.

Pixel Watch pricing and availability

Google will release its Pixel Watch with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro in the fall. Pricing is yet to be disclosed; however, using stainless steel may increase the price.

To give you an idea of the price for comparison, the aluminum Galaxy Watch 4 (Bluetooth + Wi-Fi) starts at $249.99 and $309.99 for the Classic, made of stainless steel. Apple Watch Series 7 starts at $399 in aluminum and 699 in stainless steel (with the cellular).



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