Google will show students how to repair Chromebooks

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February 8, 2022 by fatima khan

Google introduces a Chromebook repair program to assist students in repairing their laptops.

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Chromebooks are highly sought-after in the world of education. Google recently unveiled an initiative to get students involved with the maintenance of laptops used by students in the US.

The Chromebook Self-Repair Program designed for schools offers simple repairs that students can perform. In addition, Google gives a lot of support to create an in-school system like Ars Technica noted.

It also provides directions to help you identify the type of Chromebooks that contain components that are often repaired, such as the keyboard or display, and also how to correctly repair or replace these components (and the tools required).

Acer and Lenovo have nine Chromebooks between them, each equipped with repair guides for the manufacturers similar to those and with the hope to add more information over time.
In the PDF, Google also outlines the essentials of “best practices” for schools that offer a Chromebook repairs service. For example, Google recommends that students provide space to make repairs. It would include an open desk where customers can go for assistance with hardware issues, repairs benches, and storage spaces to store the different components needed and spare parts.
Naturally, anyone involved in repairs needs to be educated to the necessary standards. More details on “self-maintainer maintenance training” are available from the concerned Chromebook manufacturer (Acer and Lenovo).

Analysis: Moving forward by leveraging sustainability and IT expertise

It is a positive aspect from a sustainability perspective. Chromebooks can be used again and not being thrown away more often, but the potential for repairs will likely be minimal. Students are not equipped with soldering irons or other tools other than removing components and screwing them back together.

It can be advantageous to gain practical and practical IT capabilities and be capable of understanding the functions that laptops perform. According to James Vick of Acer (VP, Customer Service in the US) states: “On-campus repair programs enable students to help their schools in making safe and fast repairs for Chromebooks. The programs also teach students transferable skills that aid in pursuing careers in that IT field. “

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