GPU shipments are predicted to increase by 10% in 2022

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January 10, 2022, 3 min read

Graphics cards demand continues to increase, and the supply gradually rises to meet the demand. In 2021, GPU shipments increased, and the trend is predicted to grow throughout the remainder of the time. Based on

Digitimes Asia

, GPU shipments are expected to grow by another 10% by the end of 2022. If you’re looking for a GPU, then maybe we’ll be able to see a downward trend after we get through Omicron’s slump. Omicron slump.

The resurgence of the

Omicron-caused epidemic

is causing worsening market conditions, which will surely delay the process. In the case of semiconductor shortages, it isolating workers and delays in logistics are having the dual impact of decreasing supply and increasing the demand. If you’re sitting at home or waiting for your workplace to be open, the likelihood is that you’ll have extra time to play. Consoles aren’t available in the main shops.

Many of the tech CEOs have made projections that have most of them predicting the mid-end of 2022 as the date when the shortages are expected to be beginning to lessen if we don’t encounter any additional market disruptions due to political tensions or the reemergence of trade wars.

Digitimes mentions that consumer demand is declining. It is likely the result of lower mining demand, more than any other reason. Mining GPU sales are expected to start to decrease with the transition towards the transition of Ethereum to its proposed Proof of Stake consensus mechanism is getting closer.

As soon as the Pre PoS difficulty bomb is fixed, the demand for GPUs will decrease and eventually fall to near nothing as it becomes more difficult to pay for the cost of mining purchases. The lower need for mining means that more gaming devices will have cards. If there are about 15% more gaming cards mining enthusiasts who aren’t interested in the year 2022 may be a good time to become a player, and we could even get some (cough cough)

bargains! It’s the plan that’s the case.

The notebook market is predicted to expand, but it may not be the same extent as those of the desktop segment. Digitimes mentions that the major notebook manufacturers like Apple and Dell have capacity plans for up to 2 years, which implies that they’re not anticipating that demand to slow down anytime soon.

The market for

low profile graphic cards

is set to be soon welcome Intel to the game. Although we had hoped, we’d see the Arc GPU series launched at this point, but it looks that they’re just a few months from now. If they do, gamers will have a second alternative. Premium Arc cards aren’t likely to be slayers of 3090 Ti. However, they don’t have to be. If they are priced reasonably, they’ll sell extremely efficiently.

There’s also the imminent launch of

AMD’s RX 6500 XT


Nvidia’s RTX3050

. The cards will be suited for the casual gamer who plays 1080p. They can be used as some pressure relief for those looking for a new generation GPU that doesn’t need to sell an entire kidney. Positively, it’s 2022! This means that we can be sure that things will improve later this year. It’s more than enough!

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