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Laptop keyboard lighting has transformed the way we work and provided a space for night-time users to work in darkness. A majority of the latest laptops have backlit keyboards and feature a range of luxurious features that could be distracting from this simple essential feature.

You’ve purchased a new laptop or computer, and you’re still not familiar with the numerous shortcuts that permit users to alter some settings at the press of an icon.

If the sun is going down and you’ve got many hours of work left, it’s essential to be aware of the best way to turn on the keyboard lighting so you’re prepared to go on with the dark.

Let’s take a look at ways to get your PC to work for you, examining the best way to activate your keyboard’s light and how to shut off the light on your keyboard, and how to fix the most common issues you encounter on the HP notebook.

How to turn on a backlit keyboard?

If your HP notebook computer features an illuminated keyboard, check the upper bar of your keyboard. Locate an F5 key. It may be identified with an icon for the backlight.

Simply pressing this button while pressing the Fn button located at the bottom of your keyboard is sure to provide you with a keyboard lit up by magic.

It could be as simple as turning the switch to turn off, or on specific models, it is possible to adjust how bright the lighting is behind.

In addition, depending on the model of your computer, the computer may be set for control of the keyboard backlight by using F9 buttons instead of the F5. Use the same Fn + F11 button to activate backlit lighting for your keyboard.

How to turn off a backlit keyboard?

When the dawn arrives, and sunlight reflects on the keyboard, you could realize that you don’t require the light on your keyboard to be turned on.

To switch off the backlight of the laptop keyboard, simply press the duplicate keys that enable you to switch the lights on.

This could be a straightforward F5, F9, or F11 keypress or an action that is multi-action Fn + F5, F9, or F11 key press.

How to adjust brightness on a backlit keyboard?

Your productivity is influenced by several specific factors that can make or break your productivity. Sometimes, it’s the brightness of your computer screen or keyboard that can frighten you or create your eyes tired.

To adjust the brightness of your keyboard’s backlights, use the backlight function button several times to get a dimmer light. This key is your single-stop shop for all lighting functions on your keyboard.

How do you alter the color of a keyboard that is backlit?

Players who are geared up for top-of-the-line results using the HP OMEN laptop have the option of playing around with the colors of their backlights too. It’s not a surprise that laptops for gaming typically have funky backlights that give a distinct edge to any player.

Zoned backlighting

HP OMEN Laptops have a zoned backlighting feature that allows users to assign and alter the backlight color of specific keys and keyboard areas. Gamers utilize a variety of keys to experiment or attack visually, and having a visual segmentation makes it easier to navigate with optimal accuracy.

For instance, a PC gamer could assign red to the keys for movement (WASD keys and Arrow keys) and give blue lights to the item keys. The player can hit every key confidently, even when their eyes aren’t to the keyboard.

To change the color of the illuminated HP OMEN laptop keyboard, adhere to these steps:

  1. OMEN Command Center. Open OMEN Command Center via your Windows taskbar or by using your Windows Start menu
  2. Choose “Lighting” located on the left sidebar of the navigation
  3. In the upper-right corner, ensure you choose “Keyboard.” You will have three options: Animation, Static, and Off.
  4. Choose “Static” to assign specific colors to specific parts on your keyboard manually. You can select the “Template” dropdown menu will show six preloaded templates as well as a “Custom” option that allows users to create their custom keyboard segmentation. The templates that are preloaded include WASD, FPS MOBA, MMO, P1P6, and all Keys
  5. Once you have selected a template, you will see a color guide at the lower left on OMEN Command Center. OMEN Command Center will let you assign colors from the most basic of colors of your personal choice
  6. Hit “Apply” and marvel at your keyboard’s vibrant design!

How do I make the backlit keyboard of my HP OMEN backlit keyboard?

One of the most exciting features that HP OMEN laptops are their capability to use the keyboard to light up. It is designed to give gamers a more immersive experience; HP OMEN laptops can be programmed to lighten and pulse in tune with the treble and bass within your computer.

If you’re a shooter, ready to shoot and aim, or being the victim of a strike that could change your game, your keyboard will come to life as you play your escape.

To animate the hues on your illuminated HP OMEN laptop, follow these steps:

  1. Start the OMEN Command Center via your Windows taskbar or by using the Windows Start menu
  2. Choose “Lighting” located on the left sidebar of the navigation
  3. In the upper-right corner, be sure to choose the keyboard
  4. Choose “Animation” under “Mode” to assign specific color-shows the keyboard
  5. “Effect” dropdown menu “Effect” dropdown menu will provide nine different preloaded animation settings that permit you to create the keyboard segments you want to make. The pre-existing animations are Color Cycle, Starlight, Breathing, Ghosting, Ripple, Wave, OMEN X Raindrop, Audio Pulse
  6. After you select an effect, you’ll see the color scheme on the right side of your HP OMEN Command Center. The themes that are preloaded comprise OMEN Galaxy, OMEN Volcano, OMEN Jungle, and OMEN OceanYou can also design your color scheme by selecting “Custom.”Change how fast and in which direction the animated sequence is going by using the sliders at the bottom left
  7. View your animation and click “Apply” to implement changes

Do I have the option of installing an illuminated keyboard on my laptop?

If your PC does not include a backlit keyboard, it’s incredibly difficult, or perhaps impossible, to add one unless you’re a skilled computer engineer. Integrating a backlit keyboard is not as easy as a simple installation. Conclusion: there are many parts and programming methods that need to be taken into consideration.

Contrary to their bigger desktop cousins, laptops are smaller, less bulky, and more complex due to their smaller size. They’re also more difficult to disassemble and put back together. For non-professionals with no experience who can get under the keyboard’s plate without adequate training or the right tools can cause more harm to your computer more than anything else.

If you’re planning on ways to change your laptop to a hi-tech, backlit laptop keyboard, HP has several options that are exceptional for all kinds and types of users on PCs.

What are the top HP laptops that have keyboards that are backlit?

For users who are not a professional HP ENVY 13Z touch notebook

Multi-functional, versatile, and highly portable, The HP ENVYx360 is the PC for casual users’ perfect partners. The 13.3-inch touchscreen displays a stunning AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 3 Graphics and an impressive processing speed thanks to the AMD Ryzen(TM) 3 processor.

This laptop is great for casual users, whether at night or during the day, from watching movies to creating websites.

Professionals: HP ZBook 15V G5 mobile workstation

No matter if you’re in a cubicle in the office or you’re traveling blogging to earn an income, the busy professional in you will require an appropriate computing companion to handle the demands of your job.

It’s HP ZBook 15V G5 portable workstation surpasses blazing performance speed and durability expectations. The big, spill-proof keyboard with backlighting lets you turn on even in a mess of circumstances.

To gamers HP OMEN 15-inch laptop

Created from scratch with high-performance processing, top-of-the-line graphics, and future-proof gaming with the future in mind, HP OMEN computers are specifically designed for success in gaming.

HP OMEN 15-inch laptop HP OMEN laptop with 15 inches is packed with expansive gaming scapes, immersive graphics, and top-of-the-line gaming thanks to an eighth Generation Intel(r) Core(TM) I7 processor that is backed by an NVIDIA(r) GeForce(r) GTX 1070 dedicated graphics card.

The full-size, built-in 4-zone keyboard is equipped with NKRO anti-ghosting technology for keys. It allows you to press any number of keys you’d like to win the match without ever losing the keystroke.

What are the External top keyboards with backlit HP keyboards?

HP OMEN Sequencer keyboard

With individually backlit keys, the HP OMEN Sequencer keyboard is the best of its kind. It comes with 16.8 million RGB colors to select from; this keyboard can also generate unique effects, which can be customized within HP OMEN Command Center. HP OMEN Command Center.

It is designed for gamers. This optical keyboard lets you hit at lightning speed. It can achieve an impressive 0.2 milliseconds for response time. This is 10-times faster than conventional mechanical switches!

HP Elite x2 1013 G3 collaboration keyboard

Tablets are excellent; they’re compact, lightweight, portable, and elegant. However, when you’re ready to reduce your workload, you could be unable to do it without a keyboard.

You can use this HP Elite x2 1013 G3 collaboration keyboard. The backlit keyboard lets you bring your tablet’s work or documents back to life without sacrificing any of the slim mobility you’ve come to love.

HP OMEN keyboard 1100

There is nothing that says gaming keyboard more than an instrument with WASD keys pre-highlighted. Never miss another chance using HP’s HP OMEN keyboard 1100.

This beautiful backlit model comes with an impressive anti-ghosting feature and highly responsive blue mechanical switches that improve your response speed.

Go to HP’s Coupon Deals page to get discounts on a variety of products, such as Gaming accessories along with Gaming laptops!

How to Turn On the Keyboard Light On Windows Computers

Windows computer systems assign one of the functions keys that control the lighting on the keyboard. However, it’s not the same for all computers. Every manufacturer sets the key in isolation from the other.

So, it is essential to examine functions keys and try with the function keys or call the manufacturer to find out the key you should push.

The keyboard light key can differ from one brand to the next. Some manufacturers let you turn the light off or off, while others offer different brightness levels, while others provide multiple brightness levels.

TIPS: The most frequently used keys that control the lighting on keyboards on Windows PCs can be found as F5, F9, and F11.

Here’s how to turn on the keyboard light on Windows computers using the keyboard:

  1. Locate the button which controls the keyboard light.

TIPS: The button may have an F-number, or it may include an icon that looks like three boxes with light rays extending from the left side.

2.Press the button, i.e. F5, F9, or F11.

3.Press the button again if you aren’t satisfied with the brightness.

What if a Windows Keyboard Light Won’t Turn On?

If pressing the right button on your keyboard does not activate or adjust the light on your keyboard, you’ll need to modify it within Windows Mobility settings or an application offered by your manufacturer.

This setting isn’t accessible within Windows Mobility settings, as it’s an option control placed there by the computer manufacturer. If you don’t find this option within Windows Mobility settings, contact your manufacturer to inquire regarding their app.

Here’s how to turn off or change the brightness of the intensity of a Windows light on the keyboard using the settings for mobility:

  1. Press Windows Key + X and click Mobility Center.
  2. Locate the Keyboard Brightness setting.
  3. IMPORTANT: If there is no Keyboard Brightness setting, or there is no manufacturer-specific section at all, this option is not available on your computer. Contact the manufacturer for more information.
  4. Click the slider and drag it to the right.
    How to Turn on the Keyboard Light on a MacTwo switches control the light of the keyboard that is present on Macs and MacBooks. One button decreases the brightness, and the other increases it. If the light on the keyboard is off, hitting the Increase Brightness button will bring it back on. The Decrease Brightness key is on the F5 key, while the Increase Brightness button is located on the F6 key on most Macs. There is an exception when a Touch Bar is present instead of Mac function keys. In that case, Touch Bar controls the keyboard light. Touch Bar contains the keyboard lighting. TIP: If you have a Touch Bar, tap Show All and then tap the < icon to reveal the Increase Brightness button.

Here’s how to turn on the keyboard light on a Mac:

  1. Locate the Increase Brightness button.
  2. NOTE: It looks like a rising sun icon with long light rays, and it’s placed on the F6 key or the Touch Bar.
  3. Press the Increase Brightness button.

3.If that isn’t bright enough, press the Increase Brightness button as much as necessary to achieve your desired level of brightness.

What if a Mac Keyboard Light Won’t Turn On?

Although Macs are designed to permit users to control their lighting on your keyboard using the Increase Brightness and Reduce Brightness keys on your keyboard, it could be turned off in the your system settings. If you’re unable to switch on the lighting on your keyboard, you’ll have to examine your system settings.

Here’s how you can enable the light on your keyboard in macOS:

  1. Click the Apple icon, and select System Preferences.
  2. Click Keyboard.
  3. Check the Adjust keyboard light in low light box.
  4. Check the Turn keyboard backlight off after x seconds box if you want the light to shut when you aren’t typing.
  5. If the keyboard light still doesn’t turn on, make sure the Use F1, F2, etc., keys as standard function box is not checked.

IMPORTANT: If this box is checked, you need to push FN + Increase Brightness instead of just Increase Brightness to adjust the keyboard light.


  • How do I switch the light for the keyboard in the back of my Lenovo laptop?
  • Use the keys Fn+ Spacebar to activate the backlight with the dimmest settings. Continue press the Fn+ Spacebar to toggle around the different brightness levels. Additionally, you can alter your keyboard’s backlight by using Lenovo’s Vantage software.
  • How do I switch on the light for my keyboard for the laptop of my Dell laptop?
  • Use Fn+ F10to switch on the backlight with its dimmest setting. Continue press Fn+ F10 to change the light intensity to 50 and 75 percent. Then, it goes to 100 percent, and then to zero percent.
  • What is the key I need to hit to turn on the light for my keyboard on the back of my HP laptop?
  • What you do to activate the backlight on an HP laptop will depend on the model if your keyboard is equipped with a backlight button located in the top row and will have the symbol for the backlight.
  • How can I increase the brightness of the display on my laptop?
  • Utilize the keys for screen brightness on your keyboard to alter your laptop’s screen brightness. You can also go to the Windows Action Center on the taskbar and then move to the Brightness slider. You can also navigate through the Settings> > System> Display displaySettings> Display Brightness and Color.




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