Microsoft’s new Outlook Lite for Android app will be available this month.

Microsoft is currently working on a smaller and more efficient Outlook Lite app for Android. The software giant has described the application in its Microsoft 365 roadmap, which defines Outlook Lite as “an Android app that brings the main benefits of Outlook in a smaller app size with fast performance for low-end devices on any network.”

The roadmap indicates how the Outlook Lite app will be accessible worldwide by the end of this month. ZDNet reports an Outlook App for Lite available in some countries, which suggests that Microsoft is preparing it for a larger version. Microsoft’s document about Outlook Lite indicates that the app will only support Outlook, Hotmail, Live and MSN accounts. It won’t allow school or work accounts.

Meta was among the first major tech firms to develop a smaller version of the original Facebook Android app. Facebook Lite was launched in 2015 with 1MB of the app, explicitly targeted at markets in the developing world. Google launched its series of “Go” lightweight Android apps, which included Gmail Go, in 2018.

Outlook mobile is among Android’s most downloaded email applications, with over 500 million downloads available on the Google Play Store.

Microsoft is also testing the new Outlook for Windows app. The app is being tested and inspired by Outlook on the internet. It is expected to take over the Outlook for Windows app.



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