Nickelodeon and Smite come together in an all-new crossover that will be live on July 12

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Plus, Titan Forge Games offers a retrospective of Smite’s colorful crossover journey.

You should not touch the remote! Invader Zim’s Danny Phantom, Invader Rocko, Powdered Toastman, and XJ9 will battle Gods in an all-new Nickelodeon x Smite crossover event on July 12. We’re thrilled to present your favorite characters from Nickelodeon, following the success of Smite’s previous cross-overs with Nickelodeon’s Avatar, The Last Airbender & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This was a fantastic experience for the team. I am so proud of the skins created by bringing these Nickelodeon characters to the Battleground of the Gods.

Wait… Danny Phantom in Smite!

You heard it right! Every Classic Nickelodeon character appears in Smite as a dazzling face for an existing Smite god: Danny Phantom Janus and Rocko Danzburou. Players can unlock a dozen Nickelodeon cosmetic prizes, such as the meme-worthy smashing Global Emote and Gir Jump Stamp, by simply playing Smite games or completing quests.

Why Nickelodeon

Our team was “excited” when news broke of the Nickelodeon crossover. The team was animated with enthusiasm and developed imaginative ideas. They created amazing content. Although we have worked with Paramount before, the crossover featured so many generations of childhood TV that it brought back many memories. We hope our community feels the same nostalgia when seeing their favorite Nickelodeon characters in Smite.

This was our first crossover, and it involved characters from several completely different shows. It presented a challenge to the team. How do you make a stubborn, gun-toting Tanuki (Danzaburou) a shirt-wearing Wallaby (Rocko)? The musket can be used as a remote control! We wanted each character to be an accurate representation of their Nickelodeon roots.

From the Gods on Mt. From the Gods of Mt. to the Heroes of Nickelodeon…

Smite has made much progress since its launch on the PS4 in 2016. It went from having 17 gods to now boasting over 121. The number of pantheons in Smite grew as the deities’ list grew. The precedent was established initially: Smite was the Battleground for the Gods. As such, we would only include actual Gods or Goddesses from the past.

These boundaries were challenged as the game progressed. The team decided King Arthur from the Arthurian myth would make a great addition to Smite. He’s not a God, but he is an icon of legend.

The tentacled Great Old One, Cthulhu, was the next step in the Arthurian Pantheon. The lore of Smite is that if people believe in God, and if they talk about them, it makes it real. This includes modern entries such as Cthulhu. These mythical and historical figures brought new life to the Battlegrounds, allowing us to have more characters than the “standard.”

We wanted to keep the game accurate to its core, even as we expanded our roster of characters in Smite. These cross-overs will be referred to as Skins and not God additions. We believe these cross-overs are an excellent fit for our community, as the idea of Smite’s cross-overs is at its core. We love to welcome new communities passionate about these great IPs just as much as we are about the pantheons.

Smite’s First Nickelodeon Crossover — Avatar: Last Airbender

The legendary Smite x Avatar x Avatar crossover was the first Nickelodeon crossover that hit Smite. Titan Forge Games is full of Avatar enthusiasts and was thrilled to bring the Avatar world alive in Smite. Aang, Zuko, and Korra faced their most difficult challenge in this crossover event: the Battleground of the Gods.

The Titan Forge team had many technical problems to solve for this project. Example: How can we turn Merlin, an adult-sized, into a child (Aang from Avatar The Last Airbender)? Because of his use of different elements, Merlin was chosen to be Aang’s Merlin. It seemed like the best fit for Aang’s character, but Merlin was not Aang. To make the skin a success, animation, modeling, and rigging departments had to work together.

Aang was internally referred to as a “god-level” skin. Aang doesn’t have any Merlin base assets. Only the timing of his abilities is what is most similar to Merlin. He was created entirely from scratch. Each part of the Aang skin had to be completely new to ensure that Aang was accurately represented. We are all huge fans of Titan Forge, so it was easy to find references that would fit in the game.

Avatar was followed by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, another Nickelodeon favorite. This crossover featured Leonardo, Raphael, and Raphael. It was packed with great content from the animated classic. Cowabunga!

More Smite Crossover Hits

The first crossover to crash into Smite was a huge success. It featured Ruby Rose, Blake Belladonna, and Weiss Schnee. These bombastic huntresses were a hit with our players, and clamored for more crossover content. Smite was able to slip into the Upside-Down by the Smite-x Stranger Things crossover, which featured four fan-favorite characters of Stranger Things: Eleven Hopper and The Mind.

Flayer and The Demogorgon

In 2021, Transformers rolled onto the Battleground Of The Gods with Optimus Prime and Megatron.

The Titan Forge team broke new ground with the Monstercat Crossover shortly after. The bass-pounding crossover utilized music to define a range of EDM-inspired skins like Crab Rave Khepri.

Smite quickly followed up on their previous endeavor and released their Rambo crossover in March 2022.

Slipknot was our most recent crossover before today’s Nickelodeon News. This massive crossover featured nine new skins to the Gods of Smite and a head-banging Music Pack with Slipknot songs.

All these projects culminated in our newest unique collaboration: The Smite x Nickelodeon crossover event. We’re so excited to invite players to join us starting July 12.

PlayStation Plus Members Get a Special Offer

We have a limited-time promotion to celebrate Nickelodeon’s crossover.

PlayStation Plus Members*. Smite x Nickelodeon Plus Pack unlocks all five Gods from the Nickelodeon Event (Invader Zim Cupid, Rocko Danzburou, XJ9 Freya, Powdered Toastman Gilgamesh, and Danny Phantom Janus) and their Voice Packs.

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