Solar-Based Seed Sowing Machine: The Future of Agriculture


A solar-based Solar Powered seed sowing machine is an electronic machine that implants seeds into the soil, relying on energy from the sun. The purpose of this robot is to place precise and even-spaced seeds to enhance productivity and reduce time consumption.

This project will provide a better agriculture solution with a minimized cost. The main component of this project is the solar panel that will convert the solar energy into electrical energy, which will be accumulated in the battery to provide the necessary power to DC motors to move the wheels.

The sensors will help the robot in manoeuvring and positioning. To pick and place seeds, we used a seeding disc that picks seeds from the seed container and drops seeds with equidistance from the successive point. The device can be easily maintained because it consists of a modular structure. Overall, the proposed system is cost-effective, power-efficient, and user-friendly, which makes it suitable for all farmers.

So here’s how we’re implementing the automatic seed-sowing machine — step by step, just like following a recipe! We’re using a block diagram to guide us through the process. Please take a look at the graph below to see how it all fits together

Let’s talk about everything we need to make our hardware system work. Here’s a list of all the components we’ll use to complete the setup.

DC Geared Motors

Let’s talk about the motors we’re using for our robot’s movement — we’ve gone with the AMETEK PITTMAN GM9232C113-R4 12/24VDC motors (source). These are gearhead motors, which means they can operate on both 12V and 24V, depending on the load.

At 12V, the motor’s revolution is 50 rpm, and at 24V, it’s 100 rpm. We chose this motor because it’s a low rpm and high torque, making it very reliable for our application. These motors provide soft and smooth speeds designed to last a long time. The geared ratio for the GM9232C113-R4 is 65:5:1, and three possible gear options can be used with this motor.

Foldable Solar Panel

A photovoltaic solar panel is a device that absorbs solar energy and then converts it into electrical energy. This type of power is the cleanest source of energy.

Bluetooth Module HC-05

HC-05 is a Bluetooth-Module used for wireless communication between microcontrollers (Arduino) or between devices with Bluetooth functionality. It is a wireless module that has a range of approximately 30 feet. A few technical specifications are given below. (1) Serial Bluetooth module for Arduino mega 2560 microcontrollers. (2) Operating-Voltage 4V to 6V (3) Operating-Current 30mA (4) It can easily be interfaced with the laptop and all other devices that have the functionality of Bluetooth. (5) Baud Rate 9600 (baud/s)

Monster Motor Shield VNH2SP30

VNH2SP30 is a full motor driver module used to control motors’ movement. It is much better than the L298N Motor driver circuit because its power rating is much higher than L298N. The motor drivers have maximum current ratings of 30A continuous.

Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04

The ultrasonic sensor is a sensor that is used to measure the distance based on transmitting and receiving ultrasonic signals.HC-SR04 is used in microcontrollers and microprocessors like Arduino, PLC, and Raspberry pie. It has 4 pins VCC, Trigger, Echo and Ground. Specification table of HC-SR04 is given below.

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Originally published at on March 9, 2023.



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