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Valve is preparing to enter the gaming handheld market.

We’re one or two months from the debut of Valve’s Steam Deck; the handheld gaming PC Valve hopes to allow you to play all of your Steam libraries. A component Nintendo Switch, one part gaming PC The Steam Deck is a handheld gaming device with plenty of gaming power beneath its display.
Steam Deck Steam Deck isn’t just a gaming console. It’s a computer, which means that you can connect it to the TV or monitor and connect controllers, keyboard and mouse or even install Windows in case you want. Like any PC, it is possible to use alternative launchers to Steam and even take the device apart if you wish to. However, Steam Deck Steam Deck has some unique features that provide the appearance of a console. The latest version of SteamOS, the operating system can seamlessly play games designed for Windows because of Proton’s compatibility tool. SteamOS can play games and suspend them and support some cool new AMD graphics capabilities.
Here’s everything you should be aware of concerning Steam Deck.

Release date of Steam Deck

Steam Deck Steam Deck will launch in February 2022. Although it was initially planned that the Stream Deck was originally planned to be released in the second quarter of 2021, a lack of hardware caused Valve to delay the launch back by a few months. The Steam Deck was featured in an interview by PC Gamer in late December; however, Valve confirmed that it’s still on track for February. Don’t anticipate another delay.
If you haven’t already placed an order for the Steam Deck and you’ve already pre-ordered one, you’re not likely to get one until February. Valve’s estimated shipping date for orders made now will be “After Q2 2022,” which could mean a few months away.
A Steam Deck can be reserved when you pay a five-dollar (PS4) security deposit. The deposit of $5 will go towards the purchase of Steam Deck if you do decide to purchase one. You’ll get it back in the event that you choose to reconsider your choice and choose to end the transaction.
“When inventory is available, customers will be notified in the order reservations were made to make their purchase,” Valve says. Valve.
The Stream Deck is currently available for purchase in customers in the US, UK, Canada and the European Union. Still, Valve has confirmed they’d like for it to be able to offer the Deck accessible for purchase in other countries as soon as it becomes available. The company has no plans to provide this Steam Deck in stores; therefore, purchasing it through Valve directly is the only option shortly.

Steam Deck Cost

Steam Deck’s cost depends on your preferred version, and three variations depend on storage capacity. This Steam Deck costs:

  • The price is $399 for 64GB.
  • The price is $529 for the version with 256GB of storage.
  • The price is $649 for the version with 512GB of storage.

The higher-end models of Steam Deck feature faster NVMe SSD storage, while the least expensive comes with 64GB of in eMMC (embedded multi-media cards) storage option. Three versions give you more storage space by using a MicroSD card, or at the very least.

If you plan to upgrade your storage, you’ll probably want to invest a little more in a more powerful MicroSD card to ensure faster loading. It is also feasible to replace and upgrade the SSD with a more powerful model, but that might not be the best choice. Valve states that it selected the SSD included in the Deck because of its speed and to prevent any electromagnetic interference that might occur with the other parts, which is why it isn’t realistic to expect any from the shelf to match.

Steam Deck Specs

The Steam Deck specifications were released by Valve along with the console itself. That implies we know everything about the features underneath the console’s 7-inch display.
The most important aspect to remember in PC players is Steam Deck runs on an AMD APU. It’s yet to be seen in other places. The chip is built on two important AMD technologies: Zen 2 and RDNA 2.
Its Zen 2 architecture is identical to that found in AMD Ryzen 3000 processors, and inside Steam Deck resides four Zen 2 cores that can run eight threads waiting to meet your portable gaming requirements.
Its RDNA 2 architecture powers the handheld PC’s graphic grunt. The Steam Deck has eight Compute Units (CUs), each with 500 cores. It’s not much, but the Xbox Series S comes with 20 RDNA 2 CUs.

As we mentioned earlier, there are three possible storage options available for Steam Deck: 64GB, 2GB, and 512GB.
We’d prefer to choose the model with 512GB. Games are huge, and anything less will be a squeeze. The console is also equipped with a fast NVMe SSD that allows for speeds of up to 3,000MB/s. It all depends on the choice made by Valve for SSD, however. Rates can vary quite significantly between SSDs.
Its 256GB variant is equally fast and ideal for accepting a slightly smaller storage capacity.
For this 64GB version, we’re completely convinced. It’s built with an eMMC drive that can’t compare to an NVMe SSD regarding speed, and most of all, its small capacity is almost unimaginable on a gaming PC. It could be used as an indie computer. It could be a good choice, but you may prefer a Nintendo Switch.
Each of them comes with MicroSD to expand further We believe that the more fast the MicroSD is, the better the optimal loading times of games.
Valve’s chosen an 800 x 1280 pixels display with which you can play games while on the go. A 60Hz LCD screen with a brightness of 400 nits; however, there’s no amount to be proud of about Steam Deck’s screen.

Steam Deck’s gaming performance

Valve has said that it is working towards a 30 fps benchmark for gaming performance in general in Steam Deck. Steam Deck, and with the recent leak of frame rates that were revealed in the developer kits available on the market, that is certainly like it could be the way to go.
A player in China has managed to get access to a development kit and released various tests of graphically rich modern games. And DOTA 2. They’ve tried Shadow of the Tomb Raider, DOOM, and Cyberpunk 2077 as well, and you’ll have a good range of the game’s performance.


  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider — Highest / Custom — -30 fps | 60 fps
  • DOOM — — — — — — — — –Custom / Medium — 46 fps | 60 fps
  • Cyberpunk 2077 — — — — — — –High — — — — –20–30 fps
  • DOTA 2 — — — — — — — — –Highest | Low — — –47 fps | 80 fps

As you’d expect, Cyberpunk is a challenge for the AMD silicon in the middle of the deck; however, this is due to the games running in the High setting. Lower the fidelity settings by a couple of notches, and you’ll be able to achieve seamless gaming frame rates on medium or low settings.
Considering how visually intense the game is, it’s an incredible feat.
The most impressive feature is the Shadow of the Tomb Raider figures. The ability to reach 60 frames per second in the latest recent Lara’s adventures without resorting to setting potato parameters indicates that Steam Deck is genuinely going to be an alternative to handheld gaming PCs.
DOOM can deliver 60 frames per second when playing the medium preset. DOTA 2, despite not being the most demanding game on the market, can be played at its most intense setting of 47 fps.
In the context of non-native Linux gaming that runs with pre-release hardware and reality, Cyberpunk 2077 was the only game that crashed, and even once is quite impressive.

In a FAQ for game developers interested in the more intricate details regarding Steam Deck, Steam Deck hardware, Valve gave us some intriguing information regarding the things AMD’s APU can accomplish.


Is this Steam Deck that good?

A man from Valve to address this exact question. Wes Fenlon writes in his Steam Deck hands-on impressions that “When it works, you can almost forget that the games you’re playing on the Steam Deck were never designed for a portable machine.”

That is certainly praiseworthy for Valve’s first handheld. It’s early days for this model, the Steam Deck, though, and the prototype Wes employed was several months from the final product. We’re guessing that most work in the coming months will be focused on the software aspect of things which will be mostly Steam OS.

“SteamOS 3’s new design looks great, but it isn’t as seamless yet as a console UI. But Valve has months left to work out these bugs. And for the most part, it just worked.”

A glimpse of the future to come, certain.

How can I verify when I can check the Steam Deck delivery date?

If you visit the Steam Deck store page using the account from where you made the Steam Deck reservation, you will see an estimated availability of your order listed under”cancel” (don’t press it).

An important note: A few players on PC Gamer’s PC Gamer team with reservations are still waiting for an update on the availability of orders on the store’s website. We anticipate updates throughout the next few days, so stay and wait.

Do you know if the Steam Deck includes the kickstand?

It’s a no-no from Valve themselves. However, in the press photos, it appears that the Deck is in a dock that raises the device so that it can be seen on display. It’s unclear if this is the expected Deck dock with USB Type-C Valve is talking about before launch or an off-the-shelf model. We’re not sure.

What games will be played through Steam Deck? Steam Deck?

Valve is discussing game performance with its latest gaming handheld and claims, “All the games we’d like to play can be played on this device. It’s in fact, the whole Steam library. We’ve not found anything we can throw at this device that it can’t handle.”

“We’ve achieved the level of performance that is required to run the latest generation of games without problems.”

It is also interesting that Valve has tested games from last year on the Deck without issues suggests that maybe SteamOS 3.0’s upgrade to Proton will provide more compatibility with games that run on Windows on the Linux OS.

We are aware that one of the problems with Proton that stops certain online games from running comes down to anti-cheat software compatibility. This issue could be resolved shortly. However, the founder of Garry’s Mod and Rust studio Facepunch Studios has confirmed that the studio has been helping Easy Anti Cheat in its efforts to enhance Proton compatibility.

Does it true that the Steam Deck bigger than the Nintendo Switch?

Yes, a little. It’s a large amount. To give you an example Nintendo Switch (standard version) measures Nintendo Switch (standard version) measures 9.4″ x 4″ x .55″ and weighs less than 1 pound. The Stream Deck is a couple of inches larger, a half an inch taller and taller and significantly thicker, as well as slightly heavier in comparison to the Switch. The Stream Deck is awe-inspiringly large; however, it’s easy to use.

Any issue I should be worried about?

Well, yeah. Battery life isn’t particularly amazing, as Valve developer Pierre-Loup Glout Griffais saying to that to IGN: “It’s about 2–8 hours dependent on the game you’re playing. It’s possible to enjoy Portal 2 for four hours with this device. If you limit it to 30 frames per r second, it will play for five to six hours.”

That isn’t an extended time for gaming without the device having to be connected or charged, and the more demanding games will take longer to drain the battery than the 2011’s Portal 2. That could be an issue if you intend to carry your Deck on a trip or even if you’re not near electricity for a long time.

Does it come with a dock? Does the Steam Deck come with a port, just like the Nintendo Switch?

The dock is available that is sold separately. As with the Switch, it has ports that work with Steam Deck that will allow users to connect the device to your TV or monitor. Its USB Type-C dock can provide DisplayPort as well as HDMI output, as well as an Ethernet adapter, as well as 3 USB inputs.

The dock isn’t equipped with the Steam Deck However;, it does come with the Steam Deck. Valve hasn’t yet announced the price of the dock cost or when it will be available for purchase. However, you will not require an extra dock to connect Steam Deck to other devices. Instead, you’ll need to utilize a USB-C hub for a low cost for the job.

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