The 7 Best Micro ATX Cases 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you want to buy a personal computer, Picking up the products for a PC is a very difficult job, So we are here to help you guys and solve your issue.
First of All picking up, a case is very important because if your case has the best Airflow this will reduce your component temperature we have choose for you some best Micro ATX Cases with warranty available moreover we have already discussed about Best Gaming PCs under 1000($) which is budget friendly.


PC Cases come in Three Major Categories

  • Mini Towers includes (Micro or Mini ATX motherboards).
  • Mid Towers includes (Micro ATX or ATX motherboards).
  • Full Towers includes (ATX motherboards) .

Why choose Micro ATX?

Most people choose Micro or Mini Towers because they look stylish and due to the space where they want to keep PC. Micro ATX is small in size as compared to other cases. In the year 2021, many competitive companies deliver their users the best possible Micro ATX Cases. while choosing A Micro ATX cases we should first keep some important things in consideration.

  • Space
  • Material
  • Motherboard
  • AIO Coolers


First of all, if you are buying a Micro ATX case space is very important if you have enough place then my suggestion is user should go for a Mid-ATX case because Mid Cases have Large airflow. If you have a small amount of space then Micro ATX is the best option some users like a tiny pc just like gaming consoles, It’s all upon users’ choice.


Micro ATX comes in different materials some offers metallic cases while some offer aluminum case others come with plastic cases, So we are here to guide to and give a detail about which Micro ATX case is suitable for you.


Motherboard compatibility is very important if you have chosen a PC case first check the motherboard for that case that is compatible with the case and is the motherboard available in the market. So Micro ATX case has a small amount of space for a motherboard for this you will have to see case compatibility and motherboard compatibility.

If you are facing any problem for selecting the best motherboards then we have also some best list for you.

AIO Coolers

The AIO coolers are for those who want to low down PC temperature and want to get good performance so for Micro ATX there are many coolers that are available in the market. if you are looking for a PC for normal daily life usage then you should have no need for PC coolers but if you are a hard-core gamer or you want to give pc a primer look then you should buy an AIO cooler.

So here are some best Micro ATX cases we have chosen for you in this article also detail about each case is present down below check it out.

2021 Best Micro ATX Cases

Micro ATX CasesMotherboard CompatibilitySide PanelWarrantyBuy NowCooler Master MasterBox Micro-ATXMicro ATX, mini ITXTempered glass2 yearsCheck On AmazonThermaltake Micro-ATX CaseMicro ATX, mini ITXTempered glass3 yearsCheck On AmazonCOUGAR Micro-ATX Gaming CaseMicro ATX, mini ITXTempered glass1 yearCheck On AmazonApevia PRODIGY Micro-ATX CaseMicro ATX, mini ITXTempered glass1 yearCheck On AmazonDEEPCOOL M-ATX CaseMicro ATX, mini ITXTempered glass2 yearsCheck On AmazonMUSETEX MESH Micro ATX CaseMicro ATX, mini ITXTempered glass1 yearCheck On AmazonGOLDEN FIELD Micro ATX CaseATX, Micro ATX, mini ITXTempered glass1 yearCheck On Amazon

Best ATX Cases

1.Cooler MasterBox MB320L ARGB Micro-ATX

The Coolermaster Box MB320L is a Micro ATX case that comes with a honey shape stylish air ventilation, also an RGB fan installed in it. This case comes with a built-in Dark Mirror added in the front that gives the colors of the RGB fan a high contrast that catches everyone’s attention.

So as far as this case also support AIO liquid coolers and AIR coolers.
There is a Mesh shape air intake on the sides of the front panel which eliminates dust, particles from pc and alow Air to pass to give your system outstanding performance.

As there are two fans built-in in These cases there is enough space given we can install over all Six fans of 120mm two as Given in front, at the top we can Install three fans and a single on the rear.

The tampered glass panel has been given on the side of the case that enables users to see all the components, RGB effects. We can install RGB ram and strips to get a more promising look.


  • Come in Black color Weights 5.47Kilogram
  • The case made of Steel, Plastic, and Tempered Glass
  • Compatible with Micro ATX and Mini ATX
  • 6 Fan support of 120mm 120mmx240mm
  • radiator supported at the top
  • Come with a warranty of 2 years
  • Supports AIO and AIR coolers

Pros & Cons


  • Comes With RGB Lighting effects
  • Great Cooling performance
  • Best Fan setup given


  • Tamperd glass may be break extra care needed
  • Primum look

2.Thermaltake Micro ATX Mini Case

if you want high-performance computer parts like CPU coolers, fans, and liquid cooling, and other different things then you must consider Thermaltake.Thermaltake’s S100 micro ATX lies in the 2nd position of this article as this is one of the most adorable and good-looking options available here.

if we talk about its outer body frame it has a steel metallic body and has a large tempered glass window.
To make its design more and more reliable and good looking its USB ports are present at the top of the case. As it supports 2 x 140 mm fans on the top as well on which makes the best cooling performance.
As sleek case also supports mini ITX and Micro ATX motherboards and also has a tall CPU cooler.


  • Micro ATX and Mini ATX motherboard can install
  • Material Steel
  • Tempered Glass side panel install
  • 5 Fan can be installed
  • We can install 2.5 inches 2 drive bays also 3.5 inch 2 drive bays
  • Compatible with AIO coolers and Air coolers
  • Warranty 3 years

Pros & Cons


  • Stylish and good Qulaity case
  • A 140mm large radiator can be installed


  • No Mesh design have given at all

3.Cougar MG130-G Compact

Cougar is a competitive company known for its brilliant products and equipment all the products they lunch are stylish elegant in their own way.

In Cougar MG 130 comes with a metallic brush-type panel at the front that gives the case a stylish and modern metal touch. Also, the airflow of this case is excellent users can install Six fans and three radiators at a time that can give your system a high cooling and give your system outstanding performance.

The Cougar Mg130-g has a tempered glass side panel which enables users to see their internal pc components and allows users to see RGB effects.
This case supports up to 2 graphics cards and 2 Solid States Drive So these excellent features give this case a unique style.


  • Supports Micro and mini ATX motherboards
  • Material made of Steel
  • Support up to 6 fans
  • 2 SSDs trays included
  • Support 2 Graphics cards up to 330mm
  • Come with a Tempered Glass window
  • Support AIO cooler and Air coolers
  • Warranty 1 year

Pros & Cons


  • Good quality Build
  • Supports 2 cards
  • Support large Space coolers


  • Airflow quality is not good

4.Apevia PRODIGY

Apevia’s Prodigy is a new company that delivers pc components we can not neglect, it offers high cooling pc cabinets. So the cabinet comes with a mesh-type front panel which makes the cabinet more attractive and allows the cabinet to give an extra cooling effect. The Prodigy has two RGB fans at the front that deliver High airflow and styles lighting effect.

This case supports up to 5 fans users can easily install an AIO and AIR coolers in the cabinet. The Prodigy offers a tampered glass window panel at the side of the cabinet so all internal components of your pc can be seen. we can also adjust the 16 colors of the fan from the motherboard according to our needs. it can support up to 2×2.5 inch and 2×3.5inch drive bays. Also this cabinet support micro and mini ATX motherboards.


  1. It is Compatible with mini ITX and Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards
  2. It consists of a Pure Metallic Body.
  3. Having tempered glass. Supports 3 x 120 mm front fans, 2 x 120 mm top fans, 1 x 120 mm rear fan Includes 2 x 120 mm ARGB front fans and 1 x 120 mm ARGB rear fan
  4. Compatible with up to 160 mm tall CPU cooler and 350 mm long GPU
  5. Offers 2 x 2.5 inch and 3 x 3.5-inch drive bays
  6. Having 1-year warranty

Pros & Cons


  • It consists of multiple ARGB Fans inside the box
  • It comes with great and amazing cooling system
  • For large storage capacity it consists of multiple drive bays


  • Although fans are a bit loud.


deepcool is known for its best pc component The Matrexx 30 comes with an elegant design and a stylish look with a low budget. In this cabinet, we get a mesh-style front panel which gives us the best cooling performance also get a tempered glass panel with aside.

In this budget, we can get on a single fan of 120mm at the rear But we have space for the fan at the front panel. In this cabinet, we use micro ATX and mini ATX motherboards, also AIO liquid coolers, and AIR coolers.

There is also space for GPU up to 250mm but Hard drive spaces are more in this cabinet we get 2×2.25inch and 3×3.25inch SSD tray bays and even one 5.25inch space for Hard disk.
This is a low-budget case and provides maximum space specification and cooling performance.


  • Compatible with micro ATX and mini ATX motherboards
  • The cabinet made of steel
  • Tempered glass side panel
  • Supports 2 fans of 120mm Supports up to 250mm long Graphic card
  • Supports 2×2.25inch and 2×3.25inch SSD and one Hard disk of 5.25inch
  • Having Warranty of 2 years

Pros & Cons


  • Low budget case
  • Great performace
  • Large SSDs space


  • GPU space limited

6.MUSETEX MESH Micro ATX Tower Case

Musetex is an outstanding brand that delivers great and stylish products, in this cabinet, we gat a magnetic suction tempered glass at a side panel which is all-new technology. In this cabinet, we get a mesh-style panel at the front which allows air to pass freely and keep your pc cool.

In Musetex we get about four fans, single at the front panel 200mm fan, other two fans at the top about 120mm one rear fan of 120mm. The fans are RGB enables that gives a dashing color effect also attracts your eyes.

This is a premium case in this we get 3×2.25inch and 2×3.25 inch SSDs drives trays. this support micro and mini ATX motherboards also allowed users to get maximum cooling performance when all the fans are installed in the cabinet.


  • Cabinet made of steel
  • Supports Mini and Micro ATX motherboard
  • Come with tempered glass side panel
  • Support 4 fans 1(200mm) at the front, 2(140mm)on top, and 1 at rear(140mm)
  • RGB fans included
  • 3×2.25inch and 2×3.25 inch Drive trays
  • Warranty of 1 year

Pros & Cons


  • Built in RGB fans
  • Stylish Looking Cabinet
  • Supports GPU but Vertical


  • Expensive

7.Goldenfield Z7 Case

Golden field is a new brand that built computer cases we can not neglect it because of its premium looks and good quality.

In this case, we get a tempered glass side panel also there is enough space for fan users can install up to 8 fans this is a master of airflow cabinet that will dissipate all the heat from the PC. This cabinet supports three fans at the front (120mm), two fans at the top(120mm), two fans at the bottom, and one at the rear(120mm).

In this cabinet, we can install Micro, Mini, and also ATX motherboards. it can also support AIO liquid coolers and AIR coolers up to 155mm. But in this cabinet, there is only 2×2.25inch and 2×3.25inch Drive trays also this can support up to 400mm GPU that is quite Good.


  • Case Material steel
  • Supports Mini, Micro, and ATX motherboards
  • Tempered glass side panel
  • Supports up to 8 fans 3 at front 120mm, 2 at top (120mm), 2 at bottom(120mm) and 1 rear(120mm)
  • Support AIO liquid and AIR cooler
  • 2×2.25inch and 2×3.25inch Drive trays
  • Warranty given 1 year

Pros & Cons


  • Stylish looking cabinet
  • Supports up to 8 fans
  • Large Case


  • No fan included in package

Cleaning Computer Cases

It was cleaning a computer case reasonably easy. It requires compressed air, any brush or cloth, and a screwdriver for opening the case. There may be alcohol and cotton swabs for fans mounted to the point.

  1. Take off the left side panel by increasing the screws on the back. Certain cases have screws with special caps made of plastic or rubber that allow users to take them off by hand.
  2. The dirtiest areas of a cabinet are typically on the bottom and top, where the bulk of dust ends at the bottom, where it will settle. Make use of a clean cloth to sweep the dust off. If the top of the case is accumulating excessive dust, you might need to employ a vacuum cleaner.
  3. The removal of dust from difficult-to-access places is accessible by using compressed air. It is a great tool to remove dust from the drive racks and fan grilles that are on either the front or back.
  4. If your computer is fitted by dust filtering, then you’ll need to clean them as well. This is easily accomplished by using a can of compressed air or with a brush.
  5. If your case is equipped with fans mounted on it, The biggest challenge is getting rid of dust stuck to those fan blades. You might need to remove the lover of the cases if they’re difficult to reach. To clean them, just put a cotton swab into alcohol and rub it away! (


Although in this article we have selected the best cases for you guys if your going to build a Micro ATX computer. This contains all the cases according to your needs budget vise, performance vise also airflow vise.

but in the above, we have also picked up 2 cases for you guys 1 winner and other runner up Cabinet down below:

  • WINNER: Cooler MasterBOX MB320L

We have chosen this cabinet because this has a premium quality high-class Airflow comes with built-in RGB fans. we can also install overall 6 fans in this cabinet, the tempered glass side panel is also outstanding that gives the cabinet a premium and stylish look. this has the best fan setup that makes the case unique from any other cabinets.

  • Runner:Deepcool Matrexx 30

We have selected this cabinet as a Runner just because if a user has a budget issue you should go for this cabinet because this case has all the abilities that can fulfill the user requirement.

it can support Micro and mini ATX motherboards also, a tempered glass panel is provided in the side panel. Also this case has one unique ability which makes the case more attractive just because this has a large amount of SSD and Hard drives trays.



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