Warning to Pixel 6 users using Android 13 Developer Preview

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Have you ever wished an update could solve all your annoying problems with your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro? Well, it seems Google is working on a solution to improve your device’s fingerprint sensor, battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless charging, and Bluetooth connection. But there’s a catch.

Google’s Feature Drop beta program

Google has recently announced the Pixel Feature Drop beta program, allowing Pixel users to test new features before their official release in June. The initial July Feature Drop beta ( QPR3 Beta 1) includes bug fixes that Pixel 6 users have eagerly awaited.

The temptation to sign up for the beta program is understandable, especially when it promises to transform your Pixel 6 into the phone you’ve always wanted it to be. But before you jump in, you must be aware that leaving the beta program may result in a factory reset, meaning you will lose all your data.

Leaving the Beta program may result in a factory reset

Google used to allow participants in the Beta program to opt out and return to the stable version without a factory reset. However, this option was only available for a limited time after the beta version was released. Now, if you opt out of the program, all your user data on the device will be wiped.

Therefore, if you rely on your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro as your primary device, you need to be confident that the features you frequently use will function correctly when you need them.
The March Feature Drop and update;

The March Feature Drop and March update are expected to be available later this month. Therefore, joining the Feature Drop beta program should be a last resort for the typical Pixel 6 user.

If you’re still eager to enroll in the Android Beta Program with your new Pixel, click the hyperlink and select the “View your eligible devices” banner. Within 24 hours of opting in, you’ll be notified of an OTA update that includes the latest beta version.

Warning for Pixel 6 users using Android 13 Developer Preview

If you’re using the Android 13 Developer Preview, you must know the warning regarding exiting the beta test. To leave, follow the same process as before but select the “Opt-out” button under the image on the device’s screen. Within 24 hours, you’ll be notified of an OTA update that will restore your device to the stable version, but all your data will be deleted.

The missing element — Android version 12L

The only thing missing in the current delays to the March update and Feature Drop is the Android version 12L, which is available for Pixel 6 models. Android 12L is designed for larger-screen Android devices and is expected to be included in March’s Pixel Feature Drop.

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