What is FreeSync Monitors Detailed Review [2022]

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What is FreeSync Technology:

Before we can understand what FreeSync monitors technology is, we’ll be able to take a brief look at what screen tearing is. Let us consider a regular 60Hz monitor. 60Hz represents the refresh rate for this monitor, i.e.; the screen will refresh at 1/6, which is 0.016s (16ms).
If the card transmits an image to the display before the screen refreshes, i.e., it is the case that the graphics card is drawing an entirely new idea. Still, the exhibition displays the prior image; we will see horizontal shear in the picture, often referred to as Screen Tearing.

The problem persists when you find that the frame rate output from the graphics card does not appear to be an equal number to what refresh rates are on display. The technical standard for video organization VESA created a technology known as Adaptive sync for DisplayPort (1.2a Standard) to resolve this issue.
The Adaptive-Sync synchronizes the display’s speed of refresh to the frames generated through the graphic card. In its most basic version, it can be considered to be the first type of variable-refresh rate technology.

In a way, based on The VESA’s Adaptive-Sync Technology, Both NVIDIA and AMD created their versions of the technology to tackle Screen Tearing and to work with their respective graphics cards. The version developed by NVIDIA is known as G-Sync. It is an exclusive technology that requires special hardware built in the display (display) to function with an NVIDIA graphics card.
AMD, however, has created a royalty-free variant of adaptive sync, which is known as FreeSync. That means that the display manufacturers do not have to pay a fee to license the FreeSync technology on their monitors. That means that FreeSync monitors are cheaper than G-Sync monitors, but they offer similar performance.
Although the initial FreeSync technology was designed to be compatible with DisplayPort, Modern FreeSync displays are compatible with DisplayPort and HDMI connections. Contrary to that, G-Sync operates over DisplayPort only.

What is the difference bettwen FreeSync?

FreeSync vs FreeSync Premium vs Premium Pro:

Suppose you are a gamer and own one of those high-end, fancy low profile graphics cards that can pump hundreds of frames. It is possible to get stunning images from your game, but only if the monitor you are using can reproduce the frames correctly. If your monitor and graphics card are not working in harmony and you experience what’s calledbn “The Screen Tearing effect. Major manufacturers of graphics cards like Nvidia and AMD created methods to prevent (or lessen) the effect. AMD’s version is called FreeSync.

AMD’s FreeSync is further broken down into three levels.

  • FreeSync

AMD FreeSync is the basis of all three because It provides a solution for screen tearing with stutter-free gameplay and low latency. The second tier can be described as AMD FreeSync Premium. Apart from the capabilities offered by the standard FreeSync Premium tier, the Premium version also includes low framerate compensation and support for 120Hz refresh rates with 1080 pixels resolution.

Then, we get an AMD FreeSync Premium Pro tier. It was earlier called FreeSync 2 HDR. In addition to the benefits included in AMD FreeSync Premium. Its Premium Pro version provides compatibility with HDR features (for supported games and displays) and lower latency in both SDR in addition to HDR.

FreeSync Monitors On or Off:

Because AMD FreeSync is built on the VESA Adaptive-Sync technology, which is non-profit and open-standard, it won’t add to the monitor’s price. FreeSync can eliminate streaking or tear of the screen by offering the option of a variable refresh rate, provided you own a compatible graphics card, making it worth the investment.

  1. You can activate FreeSync on your screen with buttons on your screen.

FreeSync Monitors Ps5: Does It Supports Ps5?

There are several reasons why Sony’s PS5 doesn’t support AMD FreeSync; firstly, it’s a technology not available in every TV and monitor.
Additionally that, with HDMI 2.1 VRR expected to be heading towards us for this year’s PS5, FreeSync is not an essential technology.
If you want to play games at 120Hz and VRR shortly, we recommend purchasing the best HDMI 2.1 monitor to go with your PS5.

Simply PS5 does not currently support FreeSync

FreeSync Pros and Cons:

Pros & Cons


  • It’s royalty-free technology that is royalty-free.OEMs do not have to pay any cost to AMD to use it in their displays and monitors.AMD FreeSync monitors cost considerably less expensive than G-Sync alternatives.FreeSync can be used with DisplayPort and HDMI.FreeSync’s performance FreeSync is quite similar to G-Sync. G-Sync.Modern FreeSync is compatible with AMD as well as NVIDIA graphics cards.


  • For HDR support, we need to choose FreeSync Premium Pro, which may be costly.

Is Freesync good for gaming?

As previously mentioned, FreeSync is AMD’s Adaptive-Sync technology. It is designed for gamers who need the best quality image while moving about, and is highly advised for games with a fast pace of play.

Screen tearing can occur when you monitor’s frame rate isn’t comparable with the framerate of your game. Players who play games like CS: GO, Fortnite, Valiant, and PUBG could experience screen tearing every now and then that can affect the experience overall.

In the majority of cases it is your GPU renders frames quicker than the display, which creates some portions of your output to appear as strips of various frames. Based on the movement of the game the display will appear more often when it is moving horizontally.


FreeSync is AMD’s solution to the issue of screen tearing gamers encounter when playing games with high frame rates on a low-refresh rate monitor. Since it’s royalty-free and doesn’t require any proprietary hardware, AMD FreeSync certified monitors are more affordable than G-Sync monitors made by NVIDIA and have no differences in performance. If you’d like to experience the possibility of a variable refresh rate without HDMI2.1 or an HDMI 2.0 connection, FreeSync is the best option to take.

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